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Sample Projects

1. Completed a Worksite Marketing assessment for a major multi-national insurer.

> We conducted an assessment of the Worksite Marketing opportunity in Hong Kong which included a market, operational and strategic analysis for our client.  Based on our assessment, we provided a gap analysis and recommendations to prepare our client to launch a successful worksite marketing initiate.

2. Advised a multi-national life insurance company in China in the implementation of a WSM strategy.

> Supported the development and implementation of a WSM program including the formalization of the sales process and training programs.

3. Launched a Policyholder Marketing Program for a  U.S. life insurance company.

> We designed a laser integrated marketing program which offered cross sell and up sell opportunities to their existing policyholders.

4. Conducted a Research project for a U.S. insurer looking to expand into South America

> We completed a study of selected Central and South American countries to identify a potentially favorable environment for our client to launch a Worksite Marketing initiative.  The study included reviews of marketing, cultural, regulatory and entry method factors.

5. Developed integration strategy for merging the leading local, national worksite marketing company with a major multi-national life insurance company in Latin America.

> We created a transition plan which focused on maintaining the best distribution practices of both companies, (i.e., training, products, and compensation) while seamlessly integrating the administrative processes, (billing, collection, customer service, etc…) into one new process via the application of updated technology.

6. Formalized the strategic plan for launching an agency distribution and worksite marketing channel in Chile.

> We developed a strategic plan for re-launching their agency channel following an acquisition by a major multi-national life insurer. Part of TVG’s strategic plan included the launch of a new Worksite Marketing business to leverage a new administrative platform and lower the costs of acquisition for entering into the middle and low income markets which were new markets for the client company.

7. Designed a producer, deferred compensation plan to improve the retention of top producing agents for a multi-national life insurer.

We designed and implemented a deferred compensation plan which created a long term incentive for the agents to remain with the client company. The successful implementation of the project virtually eliminated the poaching threat, improved the retention rate and has become a model for the local competitors.

8. Created a Worksite Marketing distribution line of business for an international general insurance company.

> Utilizing a phased approach we created a model with standardized processes to be implemented worldwide in Phase 1. In phase 2 we developed and implemented distribution recruiting and training modules. For phase 3 we established benchmarks and reporting processes.

9. Created a voluntary employee benefit division for a national P &C agency.

> Working closely with our client TVG executed the following steps: